Errata - National Geographic Traveller - Issue 14, pg 11 - “Europe’s Great Beer Burgs”

The latest National Geographic Traveller contains a great article on beer travelling.
It is great to have more focus on beer - in particular, craft beer - in magazines and other printed media.

We were lucky to get a mention in the side bar…

Unfortunately there are two factual errors in the article and we think it is necessary to put the correct facts out there and give credit where credit is due.

Firstly, Gallows Hill Brewing Co. won the 2011 National Home Brewing Competition (SANHC) with one of our small experimental Black Ale batches.
Our Black Ale is a Cascadian Dark Ale - also commonly referred to as a Black IPA.

Secondly, we did not brew a Coffee Stout as mentioned in the article. The 2012 Southyeasters Summer festival actually had two competitions.
The first being the normal people’s choice competition where kit / extract beers and all grain brews are rated by the festival goers.
The second being the new Wolfgang Koedel Cup. For this competition certain guidelines are prescribed for the beers entered and the judging is done by a panel of “experts”.
We won the Wolfgang Cup with a small batch Octoberfest inspired ale.
The people’s choice winner was the UCT Brewing Team with a Strawberry Witbier and the runner up was Masters Brown & May Brewers with a Coffee Stout

Update 2012-06-05

Well… The year 2012 is seriously rushing past… For all practical purposes the middle of the year is just around the corner.

At this point it is probably a good idea to give some feedback on what is happening with Gallows Hill Brewing Co

We have secured a brewing venue. All the legal and administrative items are in progress. As everyone knows bureaucracy is unpredictable… So we will just have to see how it goes.

At the moment we are working on our pilot system, tweaking recipes and planning the road ahead.
In case anyone was wondering… We will always be busy with the process of tweaking recipes… The way we see it is: We have not yet made the perfect beer! In fact we will probably never make the perfect beer…
Who cares… The quest for perfection and the pursuit of breaking new ground are both everlasting